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Tim Walker is best known for his fashion photography, contributing to spreads in Vogue and W Magazines. However, it is his startlingly beautiful art photos of women in UFOs that has captured my attention. The imaginative, science fiction inspired scenes, are even more captivating when you learn of Walker’s process. All of the sets are built by designers and the photos are shot on film, no digital manipulation occurs. The subjects are suspended in mid-flight using cables that are then cropped out of the final images. Doesn’t that make you do a double take at the photos? As Walker puts it, “film is like cooking instinctually. Digital is like following a recipe and cooking with a microwave.”

The image of the horse race was taken in 2009 in Northumberland, Scotland. It took hours to get the right shot because the horses were alarmed by the shine and cable of the UFO subject. “Real life has bled back into it and made the moment happen,” said Walker. It is both the excitement of his process, and the beautiful way in which he handles his subjects, that make this series truly exciting. The below image makes me laugh so hard.  Click here to read more.