1968. Directed by Norman Jewison. Starring Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway.

McQueen and Dunaway are at the top of their game in this cult classic heist film, flirting both with each other and the camera (and most impressively during hands-down the most sexy game of chess you will ever experience). Add to that the slick directing by Jewison and you have an amazing visual treat for the senses. The use of split screen shots was a relatively new discovery at the time and was used to the film's advantage during the opening heist scene and others. I took some captures of these sequences to appreciate the strength of good composition and iconic imagery sharing one screen, they could easily translate into print medium. (I used this as inspiration for my poster design above).

I think the film's writer Alan Trustman put it best in an interview, "McQueen understood the camera and understood that the camera loved him, and that's an exceptional ability for an actor to have." Amen, in my books there is no one more captivating to watch than McQueen.

Do yourself a favor and watch this cult classic for it's cast (they're chemistry), the films style, and it's ability to have some real fun with the heist genre.