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"I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life." - Maya Angelou

I was told this Maya Angelou poem not too long ago and it has stayed with me, basically playing on repeat in my brain, ever since (as all good quotes do). The impact of it is both in it's simplicity, and it's application to my exact place in life right now. I love designing (a living) and I love my family (the life), and sometimes (most of the time) the two are competing for my time and attention. As with most women I know these days, we are really trying to do it all, and possibly faulting ourselves the entire time for not doing any one thing to the best of our ability. But something came to me after thinking on this quote, the idea that whatever you are doing, as long as you are really trying your best to focus on just that one thing in the moment, then there can't be too much regret later on. When I'm with my kids or my husband I genuinely try to stay mindful of them and turn off the voices telling me to "start looking into this" or "if I could just get to a computer and do that." And equally, when I am working on a project, I try not to feel that guilt of what else I could be doing in that moment. Is it easy? Absolutely not. But, it is a good exercise and mantra I try to practice daily. I don't think this quote is about choosing a side, instead to me it's about being aware of both aspects in your life, and not letting one trump the other.