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I love me some mixed media artwork. I think it’s the unpredictable nature of blending materials together that is so exciting both to look at and to practice. It’s embracing the imperfect and allowing the hand to triumph over the mind. Enter multi-disciplinary artist Bernadette Pascua. Her background of zine artist to fashion illustrator to pursuing an education in textiles really informs her current work of luscious figurative and beauty product drawings, and hand lettering. I love how visible the texture of her paper is behind her bold watercolor washes, and how her lines move from fine pencil to thick black pen with ease and control. The abundance of work she has both on her site and her flickr sketchbook lets you know this is a very practiced hand. I love seeing her workspace too on Design Sponge, mason jars of art tools at the ready! A true inspiration to whip out the sketchbooks and art materials more often!

Image found  here .

Image found here.