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Image by Neil Krug found  here

Image by Neil Krug found here

Fridays are for submersing your brain into a pool of happy relaxation. Remember when you were a child and played underwater tea party, or underwater supermarket, or underwater mermaid kingdom, or underwater cops and robbers, or underwater chef, or...well, you catch my drift. Remember how calming it was just to sink to the bottom of the pool and quiet the noise from the outside world? To just live in that moment for as long as your breath would allow? I think it's a sensation I want to focus on at the end of this busy week...who knows, I just might go take a walk to our nearest pool and dive in, pinkies up, to the bottom and take a little moment, hope you can too! The photo above is by Neil Krug. I highly recommend you check out his 70s inspired, sun soaked photos, they are breathtakingly cool!