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I’ve had a lifelong romance with Diane Keaton since seeing her in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall in high school. That movie, and her silly, self-deprecating humor, really connected with me. (That’s still one of my top ten!) Well, you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon her very active Pinterest boards recently. “Wait, the Diane Keaton is on Pinterest??” Yes. And not only on it, but basically owning it. Her pins range from unexpected celebrity portraits of her daughter’s top ten gorgeous men (Bieber and Pattinson?) to her own impressive list of loves (Woody, Warren, Pacino). There are gorgeous boards of interiors filled with light along side boards of rustic signage. You can tell right off that she has a really strong artistic eye, and an affinity for black and white, which she says she is drawn to because “white itself is so represents light and the absence of color.” Some of my favorite of her boards are “Sign of the Times”, “The Picture of Universe”, “Cut and Paste”, and “A Kiss Is Still a Kiss”. You really get a sense of what excites her imagination and keeps her creating and thriving into her late 60s. You can hear her distinct voice in her titles and I love that she drops “damn” into every other sentence when you read her in interviews. The portrait she uses for her profile is from a series taken by Norman Seeff in 1975.