Cheeky Design




There’s something about sibling collaborations that really get me, right here (pointing to general location of heart). Especially siblings who have a penchant for elaborate map making, wearing finely tailored corduroy suits, and making films that (whether you like all of them or not) are always crafted to the nines! Have you figured it out yet? Yes, the Anderson brothers, Wes and Eric…. specifically Eric this time. Younger brother of Wes, and illustrator to most things on Wes’ films, Eric has an idyllic, youthful style within his watercolor and ink drawings that captures that child curiosity still nestled in all of us. Ranging from his extremely detailed set plans for the Royal Tennenbaums, to the safari Luis Vuitton luggage in Darjeeling Limited, his illustrations add a level of depth, whimsy, and personality to the characters they surround. He describes working on films with his brother like “answering the ‘red phone’ – you get the call and leap to action.” Well I’m a fan, and when I found out he was also the teen angsty voice of Kristofferson Silverfox, in Fantastic Mr. Fox, well, my love grew even more.