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Kendra Dandy patterns on Cheeky Design

I found Kendra Dandy’s patterns featured in the newest issue of Frankie Magazine, which I am officially obsessed with, but that’s a different post. Her patterns range from abstract shapes, to flowers, to fruit, to women with large hair and makeup, and all of them incorporate the same loose, whimsical painterly style done in color palettes using mint and olive greens, pinks, peach and coral. Watermelons appear often as a subject matter and I have to admit these are my favorites. I think it’s how absolutely, indulgently girlie they are with their pink colors and polka-dotted pit patterns. If I could have a wall in my home with this print on it I would do it! Could you imagine how fun that would be? Although, I would also have to request that they be lickable, like the ones in Willie Wonka.

Find more of her work and products here and here.

Kendra Dandy patterns on Cheeky Design