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As multifaceted as her quartz subject matter, Australian-born artist Lara Meyerratken’s music and art feel handcrafted, layered, and very personal. I first found her quartz watercolor prints on Dream Collective, and then trying to discover more of her artwork online, I unearthed her music. Seeped in kick-drums, cascading piano notes, and poetic lyrics, her music reminds me of Velvet Underground meets Patti Smith meets…Beck? She’s known as El May in the music scene, and collaborates with the likes of Ben Lee, Luscious Jackson, and Crooked Finger, to name a few. Take a listen to an older track, Draining a Lake, below. I intend to buy the Quartz Snowflake print for the home asap, you had me at “pale peach on creamy white”. As part of her painting process, Lara uses water infused with the crystals she paints, letting them soak for days to imbue some the metaphysical qualities the gems have. I feel like I have unearthed a treasure in her body of work, and can’t wait to explore more.

Pictures from  The Bharani Effect

Pictures from The Bharani Effect