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Lulie Wallace on Cheeky Design

First off, I love her name. Secondly, I love her paintings. Lulie Wallace is a painter, fabric (and lunchbox) designer, living and working out of Charleston. Her paintings are mostly beautifully colored floral arrangements painted with acrylic on birch wood, the wood somehow adds to the whimsical, handmade nature of them. Wallace loves “bright, vibrant colors and often finds inspiration in everyday items like a vintage Kilim rug, a unusual print on a blouse, or an envelope liner that contains a  letter from a friend.” I first saw some of her prints being sold at Anthropologie, but after exploring a little more, I found her actual artwork to be very reasonably priced, pieces range from $250-1600. I’m dreaming about purchasing one of these for our new home, and am a sucker for the floral arrangements in front of the geometric wallpaper patterns. Pure bliss!

Check out more of her work here.

Lulie Wallace on Cheeky Design