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A Grace Kelly Composite on Cheeky Design

If only all it took for “us girls” was a little red lipstick, a strand of pearls, and some wavy curls to look like Grace Kelly, well, life would be a little different I’d imagine. Kelly’s effortless beauty is showcased to the tops, in my opinion, in the film Rear Window (although To Catch a Thief is a very close second), watch her entrance below. And since I started this week talking about Rear Window, why stop? Outfitted in decadent Edith Head costumes, and given ethereal close-ups by Hitchcock (who many theorists state was obsessed with the starlet), her look is just perfection. Kelly inhabits every costume, from a formal ball gown to jeans and a button down, as if they were her second skin. Every entrance Kelly makes is captivating, she doesn’t just enter a room, she takes the breath out of it. She floats around her subject with a perfect glossy red pout, bouncing blonde curls, and glowing complexion, begging everyone on-screen and off to wonder how such a natural beauty could have ever existed. Hitchcock requested that Kelly’s look in the film would appear “like a piece of Dresden china, nearly untouchable.” And I think he succeeded, even though Kelly thwarts this goal in every scene by begging Stewart to touch her, to treat her not like an untouchable socialite but a good- adventure-loving girl. I wonder who she really was, the perfect future-queen or just the girl from Connecticut? I do know this, she was aptly named and is truly unmatched.