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I just watched the 1956 French film, And God Created Woman, starring Brigitte Bardot, the other night and I have to say I have really under appreciated Bardot’s beauty in her youth. I obviously know, and appreciate, her iconic 1960s sex kitten screen queen image. But in this film, one of her earliest, pre-platinum hair but still smoky eyed, she is beyond stunning. In the film, Bardot plays an 18 year-old orphan pushing boundaries in a small, seaboard town with a family of three brothers. I wouldn’t categorize this film as a classic in regards to it’s story but it’s fun and I would agree with critics at the time who said, “Bardot moves herself in a fashion that fully accentuates her charms…she is undeniably a creation of superlative craftsmanship” and “it was always lively and easy to take on the eyes”. I designed the above poster for fun using some hand lettering and early Bardot imagery, you can see more here.
Also, Bardot in my opinion had a great singing career that is quintessential 1960s French pop. I highly recommend you take a listen to her “Best of” album it's a lot of fun and I am including one of my favorite songs here.