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My love for the children’s book writer, and illustrator, Oliver Jeffers began simply enough. I found one of his books at the library and checked it out for my kids. I immediately fell for his hilariously quirky stories about strong willed children, their fantastical adventures, accompanied by his fantastic hand lettering, and beautifully illustrated images. You’ll know if you have kids, but the discovery of a book you can share with your children, that excites and entertains you as well, is truly a gem.

I recently discovered Jeffers’ artwork as well, this guy is prolific! He recently completed a music video with U2 that showcases his great hand lettering. You can see some of his amazing paintings on his site (my favorites being the dipped paintings and the disaster paintings). Jeffers also created the TED Machine, for the famous TED Talk series, and used it in the 2013 opening sequence. Watch it working here. I honestly cannot say enough about this guy…so I’ll stop. Spend some time on his site, you’ll be inspired as well.