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Cheeky's New Year's Resolution

My New Year’s resolution sounds simple, I will do what scares me most in 2014. As a side, I just googled this because it feels too simple of an idea to have originated with me, and indeed there are similar quotes ranging from Chuck Palahniuk (“do the things that scare you the most”), to Eleanor Roosevelt (“do one thing every day that scares you”), to apparently One Tree Hill haha (“the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most”). So, here it goes. Originally I wanted this to relate to creating the projects that I know I am most passionate about, which ironically make them more daunting to take on. But, as life often does, we have been presented with an unpredictable change of events. We are looking at making a move in the new year (possibly even within the month) down to the Laguna area for a job opportunity, and as with all things having to do with change, I feel like I am already being asked to do what scares me most…to leave a city I love, family and friends who are irreplaceable, my sons adorable preschool teacher, and his equally adorable 4 year-old girlfriend next door, Olive…for the unknown. So here’s to resolutions and following through with them. Happy 2014, it should be interesting!