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To conclude Space week I want to revisit the cult science fiction classic, Barbarella. Made in 1968 by the then Mr. Jane Fonda, Roger Vadim, this sexual space romp follows Fonda’s scantily clad, peace-loving Barbarella on a 41st century search across the galaxy for weapon wielding (the Positronic Ray anyone) Dr. Durand Durand. Did it take me half the film to realize that his name is pronounced Duran Duran and this is in fact where the band got their name? Moving on. You really do see a surprising amount of Fonda-flesh in this film, just watch the opening title sequence for quite possibly the first, and only, astronaut suit strip tease. The film was a box-office and critical failure when it was first released, however, with a PG re-release in 1977 it started finding an audience and is now firmly rooted in the cult classic firmament. I say give it a go if you haven’t already, the first two-thirds of the film are fun and totally delightful with the set and costume design. I have to admit I found it more racy than first imagined and was laughing out loud at the sled pulling, ice octopus sequence. Interested yet?

Barbarella film stills
Barbarella film stills