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The hubs & I got a weekend to ourselves and took advantage of it! We ate out every meal, explored the city & watched a ton of movies like there was no tomorrow. One of the highlight stops was to Wurstkuche (I have no idea where my umlaut shortcut is for over the "u"), the German sausage & beer restaurant east of downtown. You'll know it by its long line outside but if you're patient, the wait is well worth the flavor experience. We waited for probably 15 minutes total and once you're through the door the staff offers you beer, which makes the wait a little more pleasant. After your order you have the option of a large, indoor room or a small but quaint outdoor patio...we went outdoors and enjoyed the quiet and the sun...and the sausages and the fries and the beer and the multitude of condiment selections. This place has everything for everyone ranging from delicious vegetarian options to ummm the "exotic" option of rattlesnake and rabbit (Barry swears it's delicious). I went middle of the road and ordered the awesome chicken apple and spices and have no regrets.