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Getty's exhibit Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990 is a must see exhibit for anyone interested in city development, idealized futures (as seen from the lens of the 1960s), and Los Angeles history in general. It really covers a very large swath of topics through photos, models and drawings and tries to convey the rapid growth of Los Angeles from it's idealized visions of the 60s to it's present day conflicts of freeway congestion and the loss of historic buildings through development. I found myself gravitating to the work focusing on the envisioning of a "future" Los Angeles. The feeling that the people of this city once believed it could almost fly left me with a yearning for what that excitement most have felt like.

Above are some of my favorites from Carlos Diniz drawings of Century City (a utopic environment of shopping and housing illustrated in beautiful bold oranges and blacks), to Judy Fiskin's tiny 2"x2" silver prints of the dingbat buildings that were the scorn of architects in the 60s…who knew? Especially entertaining was the Monsanto House of the Future that resided at the base of Disneyland's Matterhorn mountain that was supposed to represent the expectations of a better future thanks to modern technology…"one word: plastics". Also, the "Forever House", the name alone got me. The promise of one home for your life, custom tailored to your every need…ahhh now I'm getting nostalgic for ideals that seemed to have disappeared along the way.

You have til the 21st to catch it. Thanks Kristin for the "dirty" tour.