Cheeky Design




Since having kids I have realized the amount of Amazon and cardboard boxes have increased tenfold. What to do? What not to do! Cardboard is absolutely the best medium for kids (and not so secretly mom) play. This little moment of inspiration came when the wee ones were asleep and I was left with: 1 x medium size cardboard box, 1 x scissor, 2 x packs of orange and red pipe cleaners (stock up on these....they're gold in kid land), 2 x lids from baby food jars, a box cutter, and some markers. I cut the oven door first then referenced my own stove top for the grill design. The pipe cleaner flames, my favorite part, work by punching holes in a circle on the top, inside the range drawing, and then threading them up and down, leaving room at the top for flame shapes & knotting at the end. The baby lid knobs were attached with pipe cleaner as well. The hardest some point throwing this away.