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Vivre Sa Vie. 1962. Directed by Jean Luc Godard starring Anna Karina.

Pitched as an examination of contemporary prostitution, or “ou en est la prostitution”, Vivre is a meditation on the fall of Nana (Anna Karina), a woman who faced with a failed relationship, dead-end job (albeit the coolest setting in a parisien record shop), and potential homelessness, turns to “the life”. The delicious close-ups, electric real-life location shots, and dialogue that seems underhandedly simplistic yet encapsulates the disillusionment of a generation, all at once proves that when Godard had it, he really had it. Karina is beyond beautiful, hiding her emotions behind a beautiful bob, porcelain skin, awesome outfits, and clouds of cigarette smoke. Definitely in my top 5 Godard.