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Homemade Wrapping Paper DIY on Cheeky Design

For years now I’ve dreamed about making our holiday wrapping paper but with the hustle of the season I end up either over paying for the cute stuff or buying whatever is left at Target last minute. Not this year friends! We bought this awesome paper roller , some recycled kraft paper, and used both custom stamps we got made here and some Yellow Owl holiday stamps  and got down to business. Below are a few tricks and tips I learned along the road to making our wrapping paper this year…

Homemade Wrapping Paper DIY on Cheeky Design

You can either wrap your gifts first and stamp directly onto them OR roll out your paper onto a flat surface and stamp it, allowing it to dry before wrapping. I did both versions to see which one worked best for me. I found stamping directly onto the wrapped gifts let me place the stamps exactly where I wanted them but stamping the paper first allowed me to only use the rounds where the stamps came out perfectly…pros and cons to both. If you stamp directly onto wrapped gifts make sure you’re using thick paper and that your objects have flat surfaces or the stamps won’t adhere evenly.

 Step 1: Roll an even line of Rollerball ink out onto a tray or flat surface.

 Step 2: Using a roller, roll the ink until it is smooth and thin.

 Step 3: Roll a thin, even amount of ink directly onto your stamp. You might want to do 1-2 passes to make sure you have complete coverage but don’t do more than that or you will lose the details on your stamp. Also, don't just dip your stamp into the ink it will go on too thickly.

Step 4: Press your stamp onto the paper using a slow, firm rolling motion to get the ink to cover completely (think throttling a motorcycle handle in slow-motion).

Step 5: Allow the paper to dry.

There you have it! I highly recommend doing some test runs before stamping the final products as the technique does effect the final look.