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Lou Rawls Christmas on Cheeky Design

I stumbled upon Lou Rawls' Merry Christmas album a couple of weeks back while shopping for Christmas records. To state, I am a sucker for Christmas music. I could listen to it literally all year-round, and would, if a certain husband didn't tell me I couldn't and implemented a rule that it can only be played after Thanksgiving. I bought this album based on the cover alone (seriously all-white suit and a red turtle neck), and after listening to it in it's entirety, I was in awe that I had not only heard this stuff before but that no one had told me about it. I felt cheated! Seriously, why is this not playing on loop on all the stations? It's beyond cool and soulful, it's a classic! Below is the opening song, The Little Drummer Boy...your welcome. Now go pour yourself some warm, spiked cider and groove out.