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Happy 15th McSweeneys on Cheeky Design

The goal, when McSweeney’s started in 1998, in their words was “to stick around for a year or two—to collect the very best work, from the finest writers working at the end of the last century, and then to disappear amid some millennial cataclysm.” 15 years later, and thank god no cataclysm in site, McSweeney’s is still at the top of their game, publishing high-end products, with top-notch writers and designers at the helm. Here I’ve collected some of my favorite covers and designs from the past 15 years. Definitely high on my list is Chris Ware’s edited Issue 13 and Issue 36’s head box, an AIGA top 50 book cover design winner. In true McSweeney’s fashion, the creators found themselves pondering, “pointless thoughts like, ‘At this very moment, the U.S. Postal Service is placing hundreds of disembodied heads on doorsteps around the country.’”

Click here to listen to Dave Eggers on NPR discussing the anniversary.

Happy 15th McSweeneys on Cheeky Design