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Hip Vegan on Cheeky Design
Hip Vegan on Cheeky Design

I don’t know if it’s part of the charm about Ojai but everything feels like a discovery. The shops and restaurants are unassuming in their presentation and some take actual looking out for to find. Definitely worth the extra time to explore is Hip Vegan, a vegan restaurant laying on the outer end of the main drag of Ojai. We asked the server what was a “must have item” and thank god she recommended the 3 Scoop Salad for starters. The three scoops consist of the most delicious hummus, seed pate and spicy almond pate I’ve ever had. I washed that down with their Ultimate burger, loaded with additional vegan cheez and avocados. I basically rolled my body back to our hotel after this amazing meal and wished we had gone back for seconds.