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Steve Powers Work

This week we're looking at the art of signs, hand painted or otherwise, and appreciating how they change our perceptions of the environments they exist in.
I have just come across the amazing work of former graffiti artist ESPO turned mural and sign artist Steve Powers.  His bright colors, and energized lettering combine to create smart pieces of art that comment on everything from consumer culture to his love of his hometown of Philly. He describes his process as distilling his “everyday experience into paintings I call daily ‘metaltations’. They are painted very fast, fresh from the epiphanies that inspired them. The larger paintings draw from those metaltations and go to a deeper understanding of the transactions we make everyday to live our lives… I love to lurk on the corner, paying attention as the city goes about its business always yields interesting data.” I hope to one day come across Powers lurking in the shadows!

Steve Powers Late
Steve Powers Murals