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Ojai Spa on Cheeky Design

The Ojai Spa & Resort is nestled off of the main street of Ojai Avenue in Ojai, California. You catch glimpses of it driving around to the entrance, beautiful, white, Spanish style buildings popping off of lush, verdant greens, hidden by gorgeous, over sweeping trees. This amazing destination spot was used in Frank Capra’s 1937 film Lost Horizon as a stand in for Shangri La, and quite honestly it’s not far from it. We decided to splurge (yeah, it ain’t cheap) for our 5 year anniversary and I have to say it was worth EVERY penny. If you find yourself at this luxurious resort don’t plan on leaving it too often. They offer 4 pools, an amazing spa, free yoga classes, build-your-own aromas and art classes in their artist cottage, and more. Everything you could want is on grounds. Add to that the aroma of lavender and rosemary that is constantly filling the air from their hillside gardens, and you have a very intoxicating, romantic experience.  I’ll be dreaming about this destination til our 10 year.

Vintage Ojai materials on Cheeky Design
Ojai Spa Experience on Cheeky Design