Yes, this is the second time on the blog I have used this Woody Allen quote. Maybe painting it will get it out of my system, most likely not. First, is the genius in it's simplicity. We all have been there at some point, the heart trumps logic, and we impetuously jump in, eyes closed, heart open. Sometimes it's a lesson and other times...well, it's life. Second, is the cutting real-time implications of Woody Allen  (still an all-time favorite of mine needless to say) saying this at a press release about his choice of leaving his longtime love for her teenage, adopted daughter. Ouch. Whatever side you fall on this, there is a truth and honesty at it’s core that’s hard to avoid. The duplicity of the romantic notion of going with your heart above all else, and the cutting honesty that in love comes selfishness in many forms. Something to think about…I’m probably gonna paint this one a few more times to think on it.