Lullabies are a given in our family, even now as our kids close in on 2 and 3 ½, they are an ingrained part of our nightly ritual. Our favorites cover everything from Velvet Underground’s After Hours to Mama Cass’s Dream a Little Dream to the Beatle’s Rocky Raccoon…maybe not your typical fair. The one we continue to come back to is the western classic, My Rifle, My Pony, and Me. Classic you ask? Yes, this gem can be found in the 1959 Howard Hawk’s western Rio Bravo. With old-school crooner Dean Martin playing the town’s “Borachon”, and newly minted heartthrob Ricky Nelson playing quick drawing Colorado Ryan, Hawk’s just had to put a sing-a-long somewhere in the film, and this is it. As John Wayne looks on, the duo start in on a soulfully slow, jailhouse ballad about the wayward cowboy making his way back home. It tickles me to no end to hear our 2 year-old chim in about "riding through to Amarillo".  Take a listen, and definitely watch this great western.