Thank you Mad Men! Thank you for finally giving me this one blissful moment of true, convincing love. Not romantic love mind you, but even better, kindred love. The union of Don and Peggy, captured in a slow dance, sound tracked by Frank Sinatra’s My Way on this week’s Mad Men, could not have been orchestrated any better. Don’s heartbreaking expression, moving from simple joy to surprised acceptance and yes, the tender kiss on the head. Did I cry? You betcha, like a big ol’ baby, and I shouted at the t.v. “thank you” and “yes”! How long we’ve waited to see love for both Don and Peggy. To have them find family, real family, that knows who they are, and accepts them flaws, ill-fitting three piece lady suits and all. And there unexpectedly it is, appropriately in the office place, both having experienced varying forms of abuse at the hands of one another and now, companionship. It could not have been done better. I almost wish that was the final moment of the show because it touches on just the right tone, not too dramatic and not too saccharine. Allusions of peace for our reluctant protagonists.