Trust Your Struggle by Zachary Smith on Cheeky Design

Artwork by Zachary Smith

I found this quote (and awesome handlettering) by Zachary Smith recently and it just really spoke to me. I can’t tell you how many inspirational, handlettered quotes I pin a week…20? 50? This one just had me at it’s simplicity, both design and message-wise. It could be the new move South, or finding myself doing an insane commute to L.A. once a week for a client (hitting the road by 5am really gives you pause to think about where your life is taking you). Whatever the reason, I think I have had A LOT of inner dialoguing going on. Am I on the right path? Is there more I could be doing or applying myself to? Is there really a balance between work and family? Is everyone in San Clemente really blond? (I didn’t promise it would all be profound). I do know this though, that during all the questioning, most of it rhetorical, the grounding element seems to be to just trust…well, to work hard and to trust that what you’re doing, whether intentional or not, guides your path. You can’t control it all but you can trust in it. Happy Friday to all those who wonder like me.