Did you catch this week's episode of Mad Men? I'm excited to finally be caught up and watching it live! This final season has me wishing for personal redemption for Don in the form of truth telling, and this episode made me hopeful. Although, I remind myself that the last time Don had a "good run", never, so not keeping my hopes up too much. I'm not as dark as Barry though who thinks the finale will involve a literal interpretation of the intro sequence of Don  committing suicide by jumping off a building, lets hope that's all metaphor. Props to the music advisor on this show! I think the final credit scores are consistently dead on to the story unfolding, both in foreshadowing as well as reminiscing themes. I was especially ecstatic at the use of the Zombies song This Will Be Our Year at the end of the episode, right after Sally declares her love for Don. What a moment, and on a personal note, that was Barry and my wedding song that we danced to. It doesn't get much better. Below is the song if you need a refresh. Have a great weekend!