Sea Glass on Cheeky Design

For several reasons, ranging from now living closer to the ocean to, in general, having an odd love for classic seafaring tales, I am finding myself searching out sea glass bottles.  These weathered gems are hard, nay impossible, to find in tact. Trust me, a myriad of Ebay and Etsy searches later, I’ve only discovered it being sold in broken pieces. Cue West Elm, my favorite place to cheat looks ranging from midcentury modern to now “antique ocean” (is that a thing?). Their “waterscape vases” are the closest I’ve come in my quest to finding these sunken treasures! I love the hues of the soft blues clustered with the mint greens, and think they would look dreamy taking over a shelf. If anyone has any leads on other places to find these, please give a shout out, but for now, these will do just fine.