Storing Recipes on Cheeky Design

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Hello 2014…I guess it might be time to join you. After spending the last couple of weeks painstakingly handwriting recipes (our printer is not yet plugged back in and my recipe cards are still packed away somewhere), I made the realization that it might be time to introduce the iPad to the kitchen. What? I know, I’m totally behind the times on this one. I do love me a good, old-fashioned recipe card box…but even if I could find mine, it had reached the point of complete disorganized mess. I was flirting with the idea of transcribing it all to a book, to avoid the loose leaf chaos, but I mean maybe a digital kitchen would just be easier? I’ve been looking up products (iPad cutting board??) and apps (these were just a few of the highly rated ones on Life Hacker) to ease my transition. I think at the end of the day though I will probably do a little bit of everything. I still love the charm of handwritten recipes, especially in a Rifle Paper Co. wooden box, but when life gets in the way, I would LOVE the ease of just pulling a recipe up on my iPad. What about you? Do you have any recipe storage recommendations?