Apologies, I couldn't limit my love for the Country theme to just one week, so here is week two on the topic! Known for their decades long courtship and musical partnership, Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash remain one of my absolute favorite country duos, and love stories. Inspired by their endurance (they met in 1956, toured on and off for the following 12 years, got engaged in 1968, were married one week later and remained married for 35 years there after), I made this block print. What better way to convey the passing of time, and the permanence of true love, than names etched on wood?

The Cashes were best known for their love ballads, like Jackson and If I Were A Carpenter, but I've recently become infatuated with a lesser known, and much less romantic song by the couple, Oh What A Good Thing We Had (Gone Bad). The song focuses on the passing of, well,  "a good thing...gone bad", with a lingering sentiment of lost love and the emotions that remain long after the relationship. Their voices are paired beautifully together and their playfulness reigns high on this track.  Here's to the Man in Black and his Lady Love.