Ever find yourself daydreaming about the perfect tee, with the right amount of flattering, lived-in stretch, and classic country iconography, that allows you to say “hey world, that’s right, I love…”? I take my t-shirt wearing seriously, and so luckily does Midnight Rider. This Los Angeles based t-shirt company, run by “good-hearted woman” Mitra Khayyam, pays homage to the art of the shirt by creating perfectly lived-in tees that display classic American iconography, modern vintage Waylon imagery, lyrics, and vintage graphics.

The origin story of Midnight Rider is almost as fascinating as the shirts subject matter themselves. In 2005, Mitra found herself getting more and more obsessed with classic, outlaw country music. She had already formed the t-shirt company Blood is the New Black, and decided to send a shirt to Waylon Jenning’s son Shooter. One day she looked down at her phone and saw a tweet from Shooter basically saying “do you want to make Waylon Jennings t-shirts?” The rest my friends, is history.

Mitra’s inspirations are sourced from listening to her record collection (she d.j.s a monthly country night at Footsie’s), shopping her favorite vintage store Filth Mart, and checkin’ out folks on the street in her Echo Park neighborhood. I am lucky to have a couple Midnight shirts now in my collection and plan on wearing them, oh, everyday.