Pumpkin Bread on Cheeky Design

I love Pinterest for many, MANY reasons…apparently 6,032 reasons and counting, to be exact. When the holidays roll around it becomes an unbeatable tool for finding amazing culinary delights to try out on the Fam, and if successful, to add to my over-brimming recipe card container. Case in point, Damn Delicious’ recipe for Crumbly Pumpkin Bread. The food blogger, and “culinary adventuress”, Chung-Ah has created a moist, delicious and seemingly healthy recipe to kick-off Fall’s pumpkin-based delectables. Apple sauce and coconut oil replace unnecessary processed sugars for sweetness and really add to the flavor. I made this recipe into muffins to take to my son’s preschool class this week but ALAS I ate too many and dropped the muffin count to below the class size. I’ll try again next week, but in the meantime, I highly recommend you give this “damn delicious” recipe a try!