Eating the Bar print from Cheeky Design

Welcome to "Work Week" (groan) here on the blog. I know, the last thing anyone wants to talk about on a Monday is work, we’re staring it straight in the face and the weekend feels a world away. However, I thought I would take this week to share some recent work I’ve completed, the moodboards behind it, and some inspiring, albeit unconventional, phrases I’m reminded of constantly during my process.

The above quote, from of course the film the Big Lebowski, reminds me of the natural order of things in freelance design and life in general…some days I truly feel on top of everything, projects are moving quickly, the creative juices are flowing, and I feel like a rockstar… and on other days (mostly Mondays)…well, I feel like “the bar is eating me”. In the latter moments, I can always hear Sam Elliott’s amazing southern drawl saying this line, offering the solace that even though yes this is a Monday, there is a Friday waiting out there for me.